Our Herd in Kingman, AZ

Sir. Galahad and Camelot

Sir. Galahad & Camelot

Just as we said in the “about us” section for our nonprofit equine rescue. These two beauties came to Loscutoff Equine Rescue from Bowie Horse Auction two days away from slaughter in January 2020. They are two Belgian draft geldings. This breed was bred through the years to primarily be farm workers, they also pull wagons and carts. However, the Amish still rely on them for working their fields. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of Amish horses are sent to auction when they are no longer of use to them. These two boys both had severe respiratory disease due to over exhaustion of the respiratory system along with muscle and ligament issues. They were put through our intake process, vetted, dentistry, hoof care, vaccinations, and plenty of groceries. The big chestnut, Sir Galahad, was able to frolic in grass, eat a healthy balanced diet, taught how to understand nurturing and affection from humans, he was worshipped for the majestic animal he was. Sir Galahad crossed the rainbow bridge on July 18, 2020. He was able to enjoy, to the fullest, the last six months of his life. Camelot, the palomino, is 19.1 hands, 1900 pounds, and lives among his culture at Loscutoff Equine Rescue. If you have never owned or been around a draft horse in Kingman, Oatman, Mohave County, or Bullhead City, AZ, it is true what they say: these animals are truly gentle giants. Camelot is a lifelong resident at Loscutoff.

Rosso 9


One word to explain this guy ‘Spicy.’ When we purchased Sir Galahad and Camelot from Bowie Horse Auction, we purchased a little Quarter/Arab at the same time, we named him Rosso. Rosso is considered a red roan color; red in Italian is Rosso. This little horse is an incredibly special horse. He has blossomed into an amazing, charming, and athletic little horse. We let him be Rosso. He likes to be in charge, and he is very playful. One of our trainers, Adrianna, was going through an emotional rough patch in her life when Rosso landed at Loscutoff. Adrianna was assigned to work on him teaching him how to respond to a rider’s hands, legs, and verbal ques. At first, Rosso was dull and unresponsive, he was mouthy, biting when he could, and kicking. He was stubborn and did not take any guff from anyone. After finding his place in his new home and a few months of regular training, Adrianna started to see the similarities between herself and Rosso. She found they are both highly intelligent, stubborn, goofy, very brave and love to have fun! Once they became partners, they fell completely in love with each other. Now Rosso is Adrianna’s horse, and she is his human, friends for life. A special bond between horse and human can change both lives. Rosso is a lifelong resident at Loscutoff.



Kitty is a BLM donkey. We acquired Kitty because Camelot’s partner, Sir Galahad crossed the rainbow bridge. Camelot and Sir Galahad were lifelong partners. When Sir Galahad passed, Camelot was out of place and very lonely. We thought why not rescue a donkey and give Camelot another partner to ease his pain of losing Sir Galahad. Kitty and Camelot do everything together. They live together, they hang out all day on the ranch together, they eat and sleep together, and have become inseparable. Kitty is incredibly happy at her new home. She brays at us when we enter the barn. She is the boss between she and Camelot. Kitty weighs approximately 500lbs and Camelot weighs 1900lbs. It is so awesome to watch the bond these two have made with each other. Kitty is a lifelong resident at Loscutoff.

Snowdrift Pre Baby 2


We have always been interested in taming and training mustangs. So, when we finally got the ranch set up and ready, we started searching for a couple souls who needed saving. After some time of exploring the web we found Thunder Mountain Farms Equine Rescue. They are a facility located in Enumclaw, Washington. They take in wild mustangs from the Yakama reservations who would have been shipped to slaughter and then find them new homes. Our two mares’ names are Rosie and Snowdrift due to their markings and colors. They were both pregnant when they came to us at the beginning of January 2021. Rosie, the little bay, had her foal, “Willi”, on February 16, 2021. Snowdrift, the appaloosa, had her foal “Coda” on April 10, 2021. It was amazing seeing these two lives we saved, being brought into this world. It makes it all worth it. Snowdrift and Rosie will be available for rehoming after training is complete. Willi and Buck are yet to be determined.

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot “Lance” was a rescue from the racetrack. We brought Lance home, ran him through the intake process, and started him on the “slow track”. Racehorses are trained to run forward as fast as they can go. This creates a certain anxiety with a forward motion for a horse. Here at Loscutoff Equine Rescue, we “untrain” that behavior. Lance goes out each day in slow motion, we try and get him to “smell the roses”. We figure out triggers for him and create a day-by-day process for him to help transform him from an anxious creature to allow him to live a life of a horse. Lance is coming along nicely. Sir Lancelot will be up for rehoming when his training is complete. We hope you’ll contact us when he’s ready!

Tiffany 6


This gorgeous thoroughbred girl came to Loscutoff Equine Rescue through a Facebook post. The current owner needed to rehome her, so we inquired. She started her social career as a racehorse; she did not like that much, she thought she would try English riding and jumping. After some time, she became sour and unhappy. Aggression in horses follows pain. Aggression and bad habits are something we specialize in, so we were excited to work through it with this mare. We brought her home, put her through our intake process and then started working with her. At no fault of horse or owner, there seemed to be chronic pain issues resulting in repetitive bad behavior. After a few vet visits, x-rays, and hands on inspections, we figured out she had kissing spine. We sent her to a place that specializes in kissing spine surgery. Kissing Spine is a painful spine issue a horse can develop. The surgical procedure involves cutting the ligament that runs between each spinous process at the affected sites to allow more space between them. We are currently in the process of engaging the muscles in the core to strengthen her back. It will be a long challenging road, but she is worth it!! Tiffany is a lifelong resident at Loscutoff.

Sparrow 1


This horse came to us, as you can see in the pics, about 400 lbs. underweight. He was living in a “dump site” looking location. His name was Jack, but we wanted to help him forget about his abusive past so we thought a free Sparrow would fit him nicely. Sparrow is one of the sweetest horses in the barn; he seems to thank us everyday for his care. The first week or so Sparrow sat in his paddock and just looked at us hanging his head low. After some time, and very yummy groceries, Sparrow started to warm up to us. We think he thought he was in a dream and didn’t want to wake up! Sparrow is very playful. He is the first horse on the right as you come in the barn. We will care for Sparrow until he is healthy enough to be rehomed.’